I am passionate about creating regenerative cultures that foster individual and collective flourishing.

As a Possibility Management trainer and coach I have learned (and am continually learning) how to feel, how to consciously access the power of anger, sadness, fear and joy.

Kiri Bear
In the society and the family I grew up in, feelings were not okay. I learned to mix emotions into depression, isolation, shame and despair to prevent my feelings being expressed. I learned to tell myself that being a grown up means being calm and comforting. I learned to hold space for other people's feelings without allowing my own feelings to surface. I learned that being responsible means swallowing my anger, avoiding my fear and holding back my sadness.
Now I am taking a stand for a different story. Now I choose to view responsibility as the ability to respond, to be present to the feelings that arise in myself and the people around me. I am learning to express my feelings and use them to consciously navigate my life, to allow the fullest expression of my being to come forward.
Possibility Management has given me the tools to see and change the stories and survival patterns that stop my feelings from serving me. Now I train others to connect with the power of their conscious feelings.

Regeneration is a process by which people, institutions, and materials evolve the capacity to fulfill their inherent potential in a world that is constantly changing around them. -Carol Sanford

I teach people and teams the skills, processes and structures they need to:

  • Improve communication
  • Use conflict as an opportunity for growth and connection
  • Build psychological safety
  • Make space for feelings and vulnerability
  • Connect to the Earth
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Unleash creativity


I design and deliver workshops that build skills in:

  • Facilitation
  • Compassionate communication
  • Participatory leadership
  • Understanding feelings and emotions 
  • Working with conflict

Leaders must lead by demonstrating their own commitment to healing, the process of finding “who they are” at the deepest level of their being. - Judy Atkinson (Jiman, Bundjalung)


I create rituals and art projects that make space for individual and collective healing.

See examples of my work at Humans are Nature.

You can read more about my professional history on my LinkedIn profile.